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Wind-solar hybrid systems

The hybrid model makes optimal use of sunlight and wind speeds - the two main resources readily available in the South Asian sub-continent. When the solar resource is low during the monsoon, the wind is quite strong and vice versa. The resultant hybrid system thus offers an optimal solution at a substantially lower cost. It is ideal for electrification of remote villages.

RenewAbility is equipped to offer reliable off-grid and hybrid solutions for all energy needs for telecom connectivity, especially rural connectivity, where powering critical loads are often a challenge. Diesel generators are expensive to run, and may also require frequent maintenance support. A judicious mix of solar and other renewable technologies, coupled with a diesel generator / grid, can offer a techno-commercially viable solution that will power the backbone of rural connectivity.

How does it work?

The wind generator starts generating power when wind reaches the cut-in speed of 3m/s and the output is stored in the battery bank. This energy is drawn by the electrical loads through the inverter, which converts DC power into AC power. The inverter has in-built protection against short-circuit, overheating, low battery voltage and overload. The battery bank is designed to feed the loads up to a certain number of days with no sun or wind, depending upon the system requirement.

The wind turbine is self-regulated with a patented pitch control mechanism which guarantees a stable energy output during strong winds. It also ensures storm protection and is much lighter than conventional small wind turbines. During very windy periods, the excess energy is dissipated through a dump load, which can be used for heating purposes.